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Directed by William Dellinger

Show Dates:  October 10-13 & 17-20, 2024

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An adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel, in which the story of Frankenstein is interwoven with elements of Shelley's own life and the origin of the Frankenstein legend. Victor Frankenstein seeks to conquer Death, bringing life to flesh through his mastery of alchemy and galvanism, but his actions have disastrous and unforeseen consequences. The Creature leaves death in its wake in this tragic Gothic horror as the dangers of arrogance and unchecked hubris meet the rapid technological development of the early 18th century. At the same time, Mary Shelley tells this story in the famed Villa Diodati to her poet husband, Percy, and their companions, Claire Claremont, John Polidori, and the dangerous Lord Byron.

Auditions: Thursday, 22 August and Friday, 23 August

Time: 6-9 pm


Callbacks: Saturday, 24 August

Time: 3-5 pm

Please prepare a dramatic monologue of your choice, 1-2 minutes, particularly one that will showcase a range of heightened emotion.


The traditional story of Frankenstein is told here, with the addition of a frame story as Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, Claire Clairmont, and John Polidori tell stories of Gothic horror in the Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. It is the year without a summer, in 1816. 





Character Breakdown:


MARY SHELLEY: late teens - early 20s

The author of Frankenstein; young, quiet, but determined to prove her literary worth. Daughter of the political philosophers William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft.


PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY: early 20s - late 20s

Mary’s fiancé, the famed Romantic poet, author of “Ozymandias”, “To A Skylark”, and Prometheus Unbound.


LORD BYRON: late 20s - early 30s 

The famed Romantic poet, a friend and contemporary of Percy. The inspiration for the modern version of vampires. Author of Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”


CLAIRE CLAIRMONT: late teens - early 20s

Mary’s younger stepsister, in the middle of an affair with Lord Byron. 


DR. POLIDORI: early 20s - mid 20s 

Lord Byron’s personal physician and traveling companion, and author of The Vampyre, the first modern vampire story.


VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN: early 20s - early 30s

A scientist obsessed with achieving dominance over life and death. 


THE CREATURE: late 20s - late 40s

Victor’s creation, full of pain and rage at his Creator. 

Note: This role will likely require the use of makeup and/or prosthetics, as well as extensive physical movement. 


HENRY CLERVAL: early 20s - early 30s

Victor’s closest friend since childhood.


ELIZABETH LAVENZA: early 20s - early 30s

Victor’s adopted sister and fiancé.


JUSTINE MORITZ: early 20s - early 30s

Victor’s adopted sister and William’s governess. 


CAPTAIN WALTON: late 30s - late 60s 

An Arctic explorer who finds Victor in the snow.


PROFESSOR WALDMAN: late 30s - late 60s

A professor at the University of Ingolstadt. Voiceover only. German accents.


PROFESSOR KREMPE: late 30s - late 60s

A professor at the University of Ingolstadt. Voiceover only. German accents.


WILLIAM: mid teens - late teens

Victor’s younger brother. 


THE COMPANION: late 20s - late 40s

The second of Victor’s creations.

Note: This role will likely require the use of makeup and/or prosthetics.

*ACT welcomes and encourages auditions from those of any age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ability, or life experience*

Future Audition Dates

ALL IS CALM - October 14-16, 2024

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